Welcome to the Planetarium - Silesian Science Park

Welcome to the Planetarium - Silesian Science Park. We are the oldest, largest and most modern facility of this type in Poland. During your visit, you can see over a hundred million stars displayed on the largest spherical screen in this region of Europe. You can also visit the Science Park, take a trip in a spaceship simulator or, if the weather is good, you can look at Park Śląski from the top of our observation tower.



You can watch and listen in English most of the screenings presented in the Planetarium Hall. English soundtrack is available after selecting the headphones icon in the booking system. 


Entering the Planetarium Hall, ask the staff for headphones, thanks to which you will be able to comfortably listen to the English soundtrack during the screenings.



We also invite you to visit our exhibitions in the Science Park. We have English-speaking guides who will be happy to take you into the world of geophysics and astronomy.


June 10th - Geophysics - 4:30 PM - max. 10 visitors

June 11th - Astronomy - 11:00 AM - max. 10 visitors

June 17th - Astronomy - 12:45 PM - max. 10 visitors

June 18th - Geophysics - 4:30 PM - max. 10 visitors

If you are planning a visit to the Science Park, write to us in advance: rezerwacja@planetarium.edu.pl



Do you dream of flying into space? In the Science Park, we have five of the world's most modern commercial simulators. Thanks to them, you will travel into orbit, towards the International Space Station. If you want to use the simulator and hear the English-language soundtrack, report this fact to the staff beforehand.

Tickets to the Space Flight Simulator are available in cash registers in Planetarium - Silesian Science Park exclusively in the same day you want to use them. So there's no need nor possibilty of reserving them online. The price of attendance is 8 zł.  

Simulations start at:

10.30; 12.00; 13.30; 15.00; 16.30; 18.00  

We hope that a visit to the Planetarium - Silesian Science Park will inspire you and provide you with an unforgettable experience.